Sunday, 9 March 2014

The Milk - Favourite Worry Track Review

The band from London and Essex have upped their game with their newest track 'Favourite Worry'. This track is totally different to their album 'Tales from the Thames' but it is amazing! 

'Favourite Worry' is more of a soulful track, which really shows off the lead singer's vocals, and he has this raw sound to his voice, which you don't really hear much in today's music. Also, this kind of rawness in his voice really makes you connect with listening to the song, well it did for me anyway. 

This song has the whole package, and the track on SoundCloud of the song is them performing it live too, so you can REALLY hear the rawness in the vocals and how well the band play together and really connect together as a band.

Again, another song I believe is faultless by The Milk, and they are becoming one of my favourite bands to listen to. 

I really cannot wait to hear more of their music.

To listen to 'Favourite Worry' here's the link to The Milk's SoundCloud:

Katie Dyba.

Monday, 11 November 2013

James Vickery - Fly Away Music Review

Runner up from 2012's Open Mic UK James Vickery has released a track called 'Fly Away'. 

This acoustic track really shows off his vocals and his guitar playing skills. The young artist has something unique when he sings, he has a kind of twang in his voice which makes him stand out. 

James has done really well with 'Fly Away' it is really a tune that would be good to listen on a nice warm spring day (unfortunately the weather isnt the right type!) I cannot wait to hear more from you James, I miss hearing your fab voice! 

If you would like to listen to James's song 'Fly Away' it is on his Sound Cloud:

Keep up the good work James!

Katie Dyba.

McFly - Love Is On The Radio Review

The McFly boys are back with a bang after celebrating their 10 year anniversary by performing at the Royal Albert Hall back in September, they are releasing another banger of a single: 'Love Is On The Radio'.

The song has such a feel vibe to it that also has a bit of a country western twist, which is a good thing obviously! When you listen to this song, it will instantly get you in a good mood and get your foot tapping along to the catchy tune and the beat.

McFly have always had the talent of being able to tell a great story through the art of song and music. And this song once again proves that even after 10 years of being a band together, they are still as good as they were when they first formed. 

'Love Is On The Radio' really exposes the boy's vocals and their harmonies, and they are still just as fabulous in this kind of song compared to some of their other songs which may be more 'rocky'. It just goes to show that they are here to stay and are just as versatile as other bands that are in the music industry/

The single is out on the 22nd November 2013, so get pre ordering, if you cant wait for it to be released, heres the link to the You Tube video:

Katie Dyba.

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Dean 'Bassorgy' Netton - Upcoming House Music Producer!

All you House Music lovers, make sure you keep a look out for this man's name; Dean 'Bassorgy' Netton. He's 28 years old and is an aspiring House Music Producer. 

He has made two tracks that are on his SoundCloud (link will be at the bottom of this piece for you to listen to it) but they are very good tracks that will definitely get you in the mood for partying or a night out clubbing.

Just from these two tracks, he has converted me into loving House Music more than I did before, and that is the producer's job; to get new fans and he has made me in the mood to go out and party the night away. You will see what I mean when you listen to the tracks. 

We cannot wait to see what more you have to offer Dean, and hope the next creation is not too far away! 

Have a listen to Dean's SoundCloud: 

Katie Dyba,

Monday, 24 June 2013

Random Rampage Mixtape 'A Breath Of Fresh Air' Review

Sean Matica, also known as 'Random Rampage' has dropped his mix tape called 'A Breath of Fresh Air'  He dropped it at the end of May 2013, it already has had 299 views. If you like your true rap, then listen to this mix tape. 

With rap music, you normally hear just the basic kind of vocabulary being used in tracks. But with Sean he really goes hard with using big words and making the raps narrative. To me this is something which makes him stand out, as you dont really hear this kind of rapping anymore. 

I don't normally like explicit rap, but Sean has converted me into liking it, because of the way he raps about it, it is more of a story, not like he is saying it just to try and be a rapper. But he really is a true rapper, because he experiments with words for his lyrics. 

The way he raps also is very good. He has the speeds right perfectly, sometimes he raps really fast and it sounds immense. The way he pronounces words too is also good, because you can understand what he is saying, even if he is rapping fast. 

It's like he's ready to go on stage and sell music officially already, just from the way he sounds on this mix tape. 

So if you like your rap, give Random Rampage a listen, you won't regret it:

Katie Dyba.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Sean 'RandomRampage' Matica to release his own clothing line!

23-year-old Sean Matica, also known as ‘Random Rampage’ is going to be releasing his own clothing line called 'Random Hardwear'.

“It should be in production within the next month.” He said.

The fashion industry is ever-growing, Sean explained why he wanted to become involved in this money making business: “Because I have always wanted to look nice and nothing that is already out there never really appealed to me. There is a lot of money to be made in fashion, if u keep evolving with the new collections and still have a good product, people will never get bored of your product and always want to look good.”

The 23 year old from Surrey is confident that he knows how his clothing line will be unique to others: “It's going to have a Ralph Lauren smart image but it will appeal more to the younger generation. I'm going to be making everything, tops, bottoms, the lot.” He also added: I have now got the embroidery design prices set, so we’re almost there.”

Sean is currently in talks about where the clothing line will be released: “I am currently in conversations with a couple of independent clothes shops at the moment; the clothing line will also be available on Ebay and Gumtree when it is ready. Basically all the normal avenues until I get my website up and running. 

Mixtape Cover
The clothing line is aimed to be ready and available summer 2013; we will keep you updated when there is more information available on what’s happening with everything.

Sean is also releasing his mixtape on the 31st of May. 

Katie Dyba.

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

NiLzZ The Producer featuring Josie Cressy - Believe Preview

Hello people! 

I just wanted to update people that I am still an aspiring music journalist/blogger/reviewer but I am now managing a producer who goes by the name of NiLzZ. He is an aspiring Hip Hop/Trap/Grime producer and he is a one to watch when looking for new and upcoming producers. 

He has a new song coming out soon called 'Believe' featuring Josie Cressy, and I just wanted to share with you the preview of the track, it's going to be a banger when it is fully released. 

Keep your eyes peeled for new stuff coming from NiLzZ because there will be in the coming months. Here's the link to the preview of 'Believe'. Please do pass it on and recommend listening to it to other people, and subscribing to NiLzZ's YouTube channel to keep up to date with all new music, it would be greatly appreciated by myself and NiLzZ:

Katie Dyba.