Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Band Culture - How important is it to you?

I know I normally do reviews of music and upcoming bands, but I thought I'd mix it up and do a semi serious related topic on band culture. But what is band culture? What do people see as a band culture?

In my personal opinion, I think band culture is very important. I think this because it is a way that every single fan of the band or artist can meet, chat and make new friends, all because of this new band or artist that they are all fans of.

For example: I went to see my all time favourite band (McBusted) play in Manchester, and before I go, I like to listen to the support acts so I know what kind of music they play, one of the bands that supported them this year was a band called New City Kings. I immediately fell in love with their music and during my countdown to seeing McBusted, I was constantly listening to this new band.

I looked them up on social media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) and followed them on each site. After the concert, I just couldn't get enough of their music. I started chatting to fellow fans online, and made friends.

Then, New City Kings announced that they were doing their own headline tour. I just had to go. That's when the power of social media came in. I started chatting to a girl named Hettie, and she wanted to go to the gig too, but had no one to go with! So we decided to go together and spend the night in London. So through the power of band culture, I made a new friend and gig buddy!

I think if it wasn't for band culture, people wouldn't be able to share their music experience with being fans of artists and bands, its like thanks to this, it is a new way of being social and meeting new friends with the same interests.

But to some people, having this culture is extremely important. I know this because I have friends who feel they aren't confident in social situations, and this is their way of becoming more sociable and are finding friends with the same interests and perhaps making friends to go to the gigs with. I know that many new bands have such amazing band culture, because they speak to the fans, whether it be online or even after the gig itself. It just gives the fans a feeling of being involved with the bands growth and helping spread the word on how amazing and fantastic they are and that everyone should listen to them.

Katie Dyba.

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

New City Kings Review: 12/05/15, Tufnell Park, Boston Music Room.

Fellow support act of McBusted, New City Kings played their last night of their headline tour last night in London, and what a night it was. 

All the hardcore fans, were right at the front, screaming the lyrics to all the songs they knew. 

Throughout the whole set, Mark Kovic (leader and frontman) was pitch perfect when singing every single song in the set. 

The two Bens (Ben Kovic (guitarist) and Ben Nyari (drums and percussion) sang their backing vocals and harmonies (harmonies when doing the stripped back acoustic tracks) were spot on and it sounded absolutely amazing together. 

The band from Essex even did some new tracks that no one has heard, which was a treat for us fans. We now are excited for them to be released to download. 

The band are also very social media and fan driven. By this I mean that they came down and met us fans and signed merchandise, took photos etc.  which many bands don't do anymore, which makes them even more amazing and different. 

For anyone who hasn't heard of this fantastic rock/pop based band, I highly recommend you give them a listen right away. They are definitely going to be the next big thing! 

Watch this space. 

Katie Dyba. 

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Apologies I haven't posted in a while!

Fellow fans of my blog, 

I sincerely apologise that I haven't blogged for quite some time, I no longer have a PC at the moment so it's quite hard. I'm hoping to get one soon so I can carry on blogging about bands I have seen recently! 

Once again I really am sorry for anyone who likes reading my blog and is disappointed for not having posts to read! 

Katie Dyba. 

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Mcbusted Support Acts EofE And Young Brando Song Reviews

This is a bit late, but I went to see McBusted in May in Manchester and I thought I would put my journalistic skills to use and do some reviews of the singles from my two favourite support bands that myself and my other half liked, EofE and Young Brando.

Lets start with Young Brando:

The Salisbury band were the first to perform at the concert. It must have been nerve-wracking, but probably one of the best feelings ever for a upcoming band. One of the songs they performed was their latest single 'Out at Sea'. They reminded me of some other bands that I listen to, but I was cheering them on as they are pretty local to me (I'm from Amesbury lads. don't forget about us local fans!) The lads are also on YouTube and Twitter so go follow and have a listen!

Second on were EofE:

EofE were the second band supporting McBusted, and they were my other half's favourite... Although they are starting to my favourite now. I have listened to their latest single 'Lust' numerous times now and I can not get bored of the song, literally minutes ago I was just jumping around the flat singing along to the chorus and the 'She Knows' parts. (My fellow McBusted fans will know what I am on about). It is a pretty good song to rock out and jump around to. The Phones 4 U Arena were buzzing when they were performing this song. It is available now on iTunes to buy, and EofE are on Twitter and YouTube so go have a follow and a listen!

I love listening to upcoming bands, probably my favourite kind of music to find and listen to as no one has heard of them, and when they come on the scene and people start talking about them you can go 'Oh yeah, I knew about them months ago, and love them!'

But everyone who reads my blog, give these guys a follow, they're young, fresh and have an amazing career ahead of them in the music industry!

Katie Dyba.

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Joe Marson - Godammit Julia Review

Joe Marson is one of my favourite aspiring artists from across the world. I have been a fan since I started blogging whilst studying at university, and I have followed his progress since I decided that I wanted to blog about music.

'Godammit Julia' is an acoustic song that Joe wrote himself. Joe is just one of these artists that likes to range his vocals throughout the song, which makes the audience listen more; because  it grabs their attention. (Well it grabbed mine)

Joe is one of these musicians who can really tell a story through the art of music. The song is a story of Joe and his feelings towards a girl called Julia (whether its real I don't know) but he makes it SO convincing just through the way he sings the lyrics and emphasises on certain parts of the song.

He also has a range within his vocals where he can sing low and sing high too, this is portrayed in this song, when he sings softer parts higher pitch, and parts of some verses in lower pitch. This makes the song unique along with him playing the guitar through the song too.
The guitar playing even has some range from the soft plucking parts to full on strumming when he goes for it in the choruses. Got to be one of my favourites of his songs and his performances on You Tube.

Give Joe a listen, here's the link to 'Godammit Julia' on YouTube:

Katie Dyba.

Sunday, 9 March 2014

The Milk - Favourite Worry Track Review

The band from London and Essex have upped their game with their newest track 'Favourite Worry'. This track is totally different to their album 'Tales from the Thames' but it is amazing! 

'Favourite Worry' is more of a soulful track, which really shows off the lead singer's vocals, and he has this raw sound to his voice, which you don't really hear much in today's music. Also, this kind of rawness in his voice really makes you connect with listening to the song, well it did for me anyway. 

This song has the whole package, and the track on SoundCloud of the song is them performing it live too, so you can REALLY hear the rawness in the vocals and how well the band play together and really connect together as a band.

Again, another song I believe is faultless by The Milk, and they are becoming one of my favourite bands to listen to. 

I really cannot wait to hear more of their music.

To listen to 'Favourite Worry' here's the link to The Milk's SoundCloud:

Katie Dyba.

Monday, 11 November 2013

James Vickery - Fly Away Music Review

Runner up from 2012's Open Mic UK James Vickery has released a track called 'Fly Away'. 

This acoustic track really shows off his vocals and his guitar playing skills. The young artist has something unique when he sings, he has a kind of twang in his voice which makes him stand out. 

James has done really well with 'Fly Away' it is really a tune that would be good to listen on a nice warm spring day (unfortunately the weather isnt the right type!) I cannot wait to hear more from you James, I miss hearing your fab voice! 

If you would like to listen to James's song 'Fly Away' it is on his Sound Cloud:

Keep up the good work James!

Katie Dyba.